Mobile Technology Paper 

In this final unit, submit a paper based on the proposal you submitted in Unit I (My proposal was 5G technology). The paper should be a two-page document about your mobile technology topic (5G technology). Your mobile technology topic should be based on current or future mobile technology as stated in your proposal in Unit I. (Unit I proposal uploaded for reference)

Submission guidelines are listed below. 

1. Provide a title page. 

2. Discuss the mobile technology you researched including such topics as its evolution, purpose, and future development. Be sure to use an introduction and summary sections in your paper. Use the Waldorf Online Library or credible Internet sources to help you with your research. 

3. Use APA Style (an abstract is not required). Be sure to cite your sources and provide a references page. Be sure to include a minimum of two sources, one of which can be your textbook.