The assignment focuses on Minority Leadership in Shaping the Labor Movement of Today. Additionally, the assignment elaborates on how The civil rights movement and the labor movement have intertwined from the beginning.

Minority Leadership in Shaping the Labor Movement of Today

Firstly, minority Leadership in Shaping the Labor Movement of Today. Secondly, describe the impact minorities played in shaping the labor movement of today. Thirdly, Find and discuss three labor disputes that revolved around minorities. Describe the circumstance these disputes and their outcomes. This essay is for a Labor History course that is PRO Union with emphasis on the trade unions. Minorities discussed in class have been African Americans, Chinese and Women. Site references in the text at the end of the sentence/passage.

Minority Leadership in Shaping the Labor Movement of Today

Some of the earliest organizing efforts in the United States were young women working at mills. From that point forward, the labor movement played a central role in the advancement of women’s rightsThe civil rights movement and the labor movement intertwined from the beginning. Civil rights leaders have always been labor leaders, too. America’s union movement champions those who lack a voice in our society. Union members played a critical role in the civil rights struggles of the past and that involvement continues todayWhen Martin Luther King Jr.  jailed for civil disobedience, unions and union members frequently came to his aid with the legal and financial help he needed. Union members marched in Washington in 1963 and in countless cities around the country. King killed while in Memphis to aid striking sanitation workers. However there were many who were unwilling to accept the way big business  run, especially since it was making profit at the expense of the little people. The first organization acting as a federation to encompass American unions was the National Labor Union which truly came into force after the Civil War but was reasonably short-lived.

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