This assignment explores Milestone Table and Balanced Scorecard. On the other hand, there is an application of Corporate Business Strategy.Please remember to consider from your implementation document.

Milestone Table and Balanced Scorecard – Corporate Business Strategy

Please prepare the Milestone Table to make it specific to your project (not just theoretical), strategic changes, goals and objectives and include some detailed objectives from the functional strategies. Please remember next, to connect (update) the milestones with goals in the Balanced Scorecard. The best format is in excel (as recommended Gantt or PERT chart) to list milestones in the first column and to show time and completion in the corresponding row, as stretched (cumulative) over time. It should show also progressing completion (cumulative) over time (not just deadlines) as to focus efforts, resources and attention while addressing strategic problems. The Milestone Table, Budget and the Balanced Scorecard are all the control tools (audit instruments) for implementation. Also, they need to be coherent and should reflect strategic problem resolution. So you should always start with your strategy implementation design to translate those strategic actions into those three control instruments.

Milestone Table and Balanced Scorecard – Corporate Business Strategy

Please remember to consider from your implementation document: the imperatives of the corporate strategy, business-level strategy and ALL functional strategies. If you recommend specific strategic changes, for example: M&A, joint venture, foreign expansion, you need to plan for those from the perspective of the common challenges of those (please research accordingly) respectively: integration, conflict of interest, entry modes. Strategic actions just need to lead to goals achievement specified in the BS (reflecting the company strategic problems resolution). Just put them where they belong in the Milestone Table as well to double check the documents.

Detailed Instructions


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