The paper focuses on Microsoft Office Case Study-implications since 2009.So,clearly identify and briefly state, in no more than 2-3 sentences, the research objective(s) of the case.

Microsoft Offiice Case Study-implications since 2009

Microsoft Offiice Case Study. Clearly identify and briefly state, in no more than 2-3 sentences, the research objective(s) of the case. (For help, refer to the textbook/slides/class discussion on developing research objectives). What 3-5 observations/insights (learning) can be derived from the research provided to Louie in Case A and what are the potential implications of those insights for Microsoft Office? In Case B a variety of research methods were used. What are these methods and what observations/insights (learning) can you glean from each of these specific approaches? How do these insights differ from those derived in Case A?

Which 1 or 2 research methods seemed particularly useful or insightful and why? Consider the overall research objectives when answering this question. What are the potential shortfalls of the team’s research? What additional things would you want to know about college students?Also, What research methodology might you use to learn those things? What would you specifically suggest the Microsoft Office team do to increase engagement among college students? Provide at least 2 recommendations along with 2 or 3 specific implementation details for each.

Microsoft Offiice Case Study-implications since 2009

Finally, this case and research was conducted in 2009. Based upon your experience, and possibly that of your college friends, how have brand perceptions and use of Microsoft products changed (if at all) in the last 10 years among college students? Has Microsoft been able to successfully engage college consumers or not through their marketing efforts and product offerings since 2009? Briefly discuss. Separately, do you believe that brand perceptions for Google have remained the same or changed in the last 10 years? How about Facebook? Briefly discuss.

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