The assignment talks about Medical pluralism assignment-Ceuterick and Vanderbock (2017). So, how is medical pluralism used to maintain cultural identity?)

Medical pluralism assignment-Ceuterick and Vanderbock (2017)

(Note: if there is a squiggly line under the word or sentence, please check it). 4. Be sure to use apostrophes when you are showing possession in a sentence. For example, “Many patients have explanatory models the differ from their health care provider’s model. Therefore, a patient’s explanatory model is important to consider.” 5. So, Please use complete sentences and proper punctuation. – What to include: – A clearly written, concise discussion essay. Response papers range between 2 – 5 single spaced pages (depending on the number of assigned readings for the module), or 4-8 double spaced pages.  Include the following articles in your paper: Johnson (2002); Hesel (2018); Hoyler et al. (2016); Kong and Hsieh (2011); and Ceuterick and Vanderbock (2017) 1) Key points and themes: (What is medical pluralism?

Medical pluralism assignment-Ceuterick and Vanderbock (2017)

How is medical pluralism used to maintain cultural identity?) 2) How does each article represent the shared key points/key themes that you just introduced in the first paragraph? (See above question. So, You must provide 1-2 examples from each required reading in your discussion). 3)Also,  how did these key themes and required article readings relate to the assigned textbook chapter and additional online content for this module (e.g. power point slides)? (please use specific examples to show the connection between the readings and textbook) 4) Also, why are the assigned readings and module content important to medical anthropology? (Please include 1-2 specific examples from the articles) 5) Lastly, Which article was your favorite and why?

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