This assignment focuses on Medical Care Organization in the U.S. It also touches on Career Planning. So, you are expected to have a title page for this assignment. In-text citations, reference pages, headers, etc. will be expected where appropriate.

Medical Care Organization in the U.S. – Career Planning Assignment

The first job you analyze will be one you could apply for right after graduation. The second job will be one you could apply for in 5-10 years. For each job, you will  expected to adhere to APA (American Psychological Association) format in a 1 – 2 page summary (2 – 4 pages total) that addresses each of the questions below. Please look over the resources provided below to ensure you adhere to this style format.  Papers are expected to be double-spaced and adhere to proper punctuation, grammar, and capitalization. Points will be deducted if you do not adhere to APA style.

You are expected to have a title page for this assignment. In-text citations, reference pages, headers, etc. will  expected where appropriate. There is no need to include an abstract. Resources: APA Citation Quick Guide APA Style Guide APA Sample Paper from Purdue University Use the categories (Introduction, Self-Analysis, etc.) as the headers for your paper. 1. Introduction (at least 2-3 sentences) a. What is the job title? b. What organization is the job with?

Medical Care Organization in the U.S. – Career Planning Assignment

2. Self-Analysis a. What specific job tasks (from your proposed job) appeal to you? b. How do your interests, values, skills, personality traits, and strengths fit this job? c. What do you need to learn in order to be competitive for the career you want to pursue? d. How are the skills and competencies you are obtaining from classes and experiences at CSUN helping you prepare for this job? e. What barriers or obstacles stand in the way of you getting this job? How will you overcome them? 3. Organizational Analysis

a. What type of healthcare organization is it? b. What services does the organization provide?c. What are the organizational mission, vision, and values? d. How many people are employed by the organization? e. Where is the organization located? If you find a job in another state or country, would you be willing to move? 4. Job Analysis a. Describe the required and recommended skills for this job. (Don’t just list them)

b. Do you possess each of these? If not, how will you obtain them? (Don’t forget to include transferable skills.) c. Are there any state licensures and/or certifications that are required? d. How does your previous work experience help you be competitive in this job? (For jobs after 5 years, please indicate your career trajectory. What jobs do you need to have in between your current job and the future job you are analyzing?) e. What is the estimated salary for this position? This may require some additional research from or other reliable online sources. 5. What are  your next steps? What do you need to do today to get to this next job? 6. Sources (in proper APA format.

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