This assignment focuses on Media coverage of climate politics and influence it has  from media. So, to what extent does media coverage of climate politics, influence those exposed to it?

Media coverage of climate politics-influence from media

To what extent does media coverage of climate politics, influence those exposed to it?

Essay tips: Start with a look back (thoroughly) at any sets of lecture slides that touch on, or are relevant to, the essay topics. Always look first at, and work outwards from, the reading recommended in booklist and in Lecture/Seminar recommended reading. Avoid a ‘look on the web first’ approach to deciding what to read. At the very least read the ‘Abstracts’ of all the journal articles in the relevant section of the booklist. Do some reading/thinking, then put together an essay outline for the module Convenor

Double line-space your essays (it makes it a lot less difficult to work the online marking software), and always paginate your essays Keep sentences short and pithy – and don’t use long, compound sentences, of the sort which start ‘While..’, ‘Although…’ ‘Besides’, ‘Despite’, ‘Both’ ‘Though’ or the like.

 Media coverage of climate politics-influence from media

Do not arbitrarily drop in a full stop and start a new sentence, because the sentence you’ve just written is getting too long, complicated and unwieldy. Don’t arbitrarily capitalise words.


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