Market/Consumer Research for Home Textile

You are expected to review the end-use category for four types of  home textiles, collect the consumer expectation and needs for these textiles during selection, purchasing and use, seek professional advisement/solution through market and literature research, and prepare a final report with the results in written format.  


This case study focuses on research of selected home textiles such as but not limited to bedlinens, bathroom textiles, kitchen furnishings, decoration fabrics, floor covering, seating textiles, window textiles, wall covering textiles, etc.  


Here are what you will do for this case study:  

1.Select four different types of home textiles. Collect some basic information for each textile such as fiber content, structure. How to select and maintain during daily use.  

2.Interview four consumers to identify their needs and/or expectation for the selected product during selection, purchasing and use.  You could develop a survey with questions/answers to check their needs and/or expectations.  

3.Summarize consumers’ questions/concerns and propose possible suggestions/solutions that are informed by the literature research.  

4.Interview four professionals (sales person at different stores, textile product developer, textile/apparel manufacturer, retail buyer etc.), to seek real world suggestions/solutions from the professionals.  

5.Share a summary of the recommended suggestions/solutions with the consumers for feedback and negotiate an acceptable plan for each consumer.  

6.Report your case study in a written format.