Marine garbage recycling – Risk impact estimate


Marine garbage recycling

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There are various types of waste generated during operation, and to be able to implement a waste management system, it is necessary to identify and quantify the different types of waste on board. Management, handling, and disposal of ship-generated garbage can be divided into different phases with several options in each phase depending on vessel resources and port reception facilities. The handling and storing of garbage will vary depending on the type of vessel, areas of operation, number of people on board, etc.

A, Full risk analysis and Mitigations plans

Marine garbage recycling – Risk impact estimate

Risk identity number and description
Firstly, Activity at risk
Secondly, Risk owner
Thirdly, Cause owner
Fourthly, Risk impact estimate
Fifthly, Probability estimate
Then, Risk exposure
Risk trigger
Additionally, Risk mitigation strategy
Also, pre-mitigation and post-mitigation risk grid included in risk register
isikawa diagram covers a major risk

In addition, what is a risk register, why is a reported, why we using it, what this numbers mean,
how you calculate..
please use:
A User’s Manual to the PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition

B,Network diagram with detailing earliest/latest start, finished dates, float and critical path

Pert chart-PERT estimate. The result is the “expected duration.”