The assignment discusses Margaret Atwood’s literary culture. Besides, there is also a description of writers literary contribution. So, discuss how her life is reflected in her works.

Margaret Atwood’s literary culture-writers literary contribution

Firstly, discuss using primary/seconday sources. PLEASE READ FULL INSTRUCTIONS!! -Secondly, this assignment presents a chance to learn more about an author’s life. work, and ideas and to explore how these might have shaped or be reflected in the author’s work. Also, choose an author (Margaret Atwood the author chosen) and discuss the writers’s imprint on literary culture. Explore the authors’s biography, letters and others non-fiction prose and discuss how her life reflected in her works. -Must use two primary sources (I will attach the sources) –

Margaret Atwood’s  literary culture-writers literary contribution

Must use five secondary sources (I will attach the sources). Sources must from my college’s specific library database so that why I must provide them for you. Maintain focus on the writers literary contribution; rather focusing solely on birth, death, marriage, kids or other life events. Address how these events shaped the writers work. -Choose TWO (the two primary sources) short stories/plays from the author- read and discuss how the elements of the author’s life are reflected in these specific works in more detail.

Margaret Atwood’s literary culture-writers literary contribution

Address literary elements like theme, characters, symbols, imagery and other elements of the work and showing how these elements representative of what you know about the author. REQUIREMENTS -THIRD person -Five FULL pages (no more than 7 of content) -MLA Format -At least seven sources. (2 primary/5+ secondary) If you have any questions about anything or need any clarification like with the sources (primary or secondary) please feel free to contact me and ask!!! Also I will add the attached links for the sources one this submitted but I need to finish gathering all the material so it will easier for you! Thank you.

Detailed Instructions


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