Detailed Instructions



1.     Each student is to choose a company and write about the company selected. It will be graded for technical content and from a grammatical perspective. The paper should be about 2,000 words in length. References should be cited throughout the paper and in the reference section.

Textbook : Managing Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, 15th ed. (2018). Laudon, Kenneth C., & Laudon, Jane P. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall.Introduction – 10.0 pts Full Marks – Provide background information on the company selected for the project, including the website link, financial information (annual sales and profits for the last three years), stock exchange information (if applicable),etc. – Describe the company’s industry, products/services sold, customer base, and competitors

More about this task:

The paper entails the discussion of a chosen company including the mission and the organizational structure of the company. The introduction of the company will also include the website link of the chosen company. The paper will then identify the financial information from the websites and other relevant publications. The financial information will include annual sales and profits for the last three years. The discussion will also include the industry that the company falls into based on the services or products that the company deals with as an economic activity. The paper will identify the customer base, which will help in the identification of the competitors of the selected company.


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