The assignment focuses on Political dramas at HP-managing impressions and forming coalitions.  Also, establish if the political action violate individual rights.

Political dramas at HP-managing impressions and forming coalitions

Organizational Politics. All organizations have internal politics. However, most organizations keep their political battles private and it is rare that the public will know the details about political intrigue within the major corporations. However, Hewlett-Packard (HP) is rare in that its political battles waged publicly. HP will make for an ideal case study both because of the intense political behavior occurring at the top and because many articles have written about these political battles. HP has been through five CEOs since 2005, and each change of CEO has been controversial. The drama started in 2005 when then CEO Carly Fiorina was under attack from several members of HP’s Board of Directors. Some board members even took the dispute public by leaking information to the press. Fiorina fought back by investigating the leaks, but ultimately lost the battle and ousted as CEO.

Political dramas at HP-managing impressions and forming coalitions

Her replacement, Patricia Dunn, continued to investigate leaks by the board through the use of private investigators. Even more controversy emerged when it discovered that the investigators used the method of “pretexting” in order to obtain phone records of board members. The causes of political behavior, types of political behavior, and the ethics of political behavior. Examples of the causes of political behavior include competition for resources, ambiguous organizational goals, lack of trust, and performance factors. Examples of types of political behavior include blaming others, selectively distributing information, managing impressions, and forming coalitions. Regarding ethics, consider the three main factors: Firstly, does the political action violate individual rights? Secondly, does it improve the welfare of those involved? Thirdly, does it increase distributive justice? Review the background materials and do some research on the political dramas at HP. 

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