Five forces model- managing health care professionals.So,considering the 5 forces model how has the Duke plan addressed or not addressed each of these?

Five forces model- managing health care professionals

Considering the 5 forces model how has the Duke plan addressed or not addressed each of these? b. Consider the stakeholders of Duke (patients, employees, managers, community, etc) how does the strategic plan meet their needs? c. There is an argument that strategic plans should be simple and understandable. Do you agree? Is the Duke Health strategic plan simple and understandable? Week 6 a. Why is commitment to quality and safety an essential part of any organization’s strategy and approach? b. What is the state of U.S. healthcare regarding quality? c. How might Lean and other tools play a role in helping to improve the quality in U.S. healthcare operations?

Five forces model- managing health care professionals

Week 7 The process of leading and managing health care professionals is challenging at all times. One can argue the recent concerns that many have about the high cost, poor quality/ outcomes vs other countries, and the lack of access has added to the pressure and challenges. Managers and leaders in health care are faced with the problem of keeping employees motivated and finding a way to make major changes to address cost, quality, and access problems.

Given this environment, a. what are the different leadership styles that one might employ in this challenging industry? Is there one approach to managing or leading that should be employed? What might a “great” manager do to manage the changes needed and keep employees engaged and motivated? Week 8 a. Briefly describe the importance of teams and understanding how they work in a healthcare setting. What are somethings that limit the productivity of teams? b. Could the Meyers-Briggs test be a helpful tools in fostering understanding of team members and a more cohesive working environment? Can introverts be good team leaders? 

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