• Describe the industry and what is happening within it.For example, is the industry expanding or contracting, what are its biggest challenges, are there any new entrants etc.
  • Draw on sources from your Horizon Scanning Tracker.

Section 2 – Technology enablers and innovations 

  • Identify which enabling technologies and innovations are making more impact on your industry. Why is this happening?
  • Draw on thought leadership articles/ reports from companies like IBM, Deloitte, McKinsey and ensure they are included your Horizon Scanning Tracker.

Section 3 – Analyze the industry through three lenses discussed in class

  • Future of consumption
  • Future of enterprise 
  • Future of work 
  • In each section, draw on the research discussed in the module. Use concrete examples of relevant companies to explore how companies are reacting to issues.
  • You must include your Horizon Scanning Tracker in your appendix to evidence sources. You shouldincludean evaluation of those sources.


  • What are your views about how changes within the industry will impact you and your career? Would you want to work in the industry? If so, why or why not?
  • Given what you know, what is the contribution you could make to your chosen industry?