The BE434 Management psychology assignment entails Behaviorism and humanism theory. So , discuss the resistance in organisations provides useful insights for managers.

BE434 Management psychology – Behaviorism and humanism theory

Critically discuss the following statement: resistance in organisations provides useful insights for managers. In this coursework essay, you are asked to consider the statement that “resistance in organizations provides useful insights for managers.” You are also asked to draw on concepts and readings from this module. In this guidance document, I will outline some of the main resources and elements . I would expect to find in your coursework essay. Main resources Readings directly on resistance in organizations.  Folder on Moodle with articles on resistance.  Fleming and Spicer article • Noon and Blyton book chapter (in the library). Also,  Other course readings that shed light on wider management aspects and managerial assumptions on the individual.   Illouz chapter, Grey article, Parket Follett chapter, Rose chapters. Also,  A brief note about resistance Please note that resistance to control in organization is NOT the same as resistance to change in organizations.

BE434 Management psychology – Behaviorism and humanism theory

While there are links between these phenomena, they are concepts developed for different purposes and using them interchangeably can be confusing. In this module, we have looked mainly at resistance to managerial control so this would make most sense for this essay. Proposed outline for the essay 1. Introduction In the introduction, you should present your guiding question for the essay, and why you think it is important.  So, you can make the point here that how we deal with resistance in organisations is dependent on our perspective. You could convey how management theory and practice contain elements of behaviourism and humanism, as has been covered extensively in this module. 2. Key concepts In this section you may want to define and discuss • Organizational control. 

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