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Management in Practice: Lyn Case Assinment

Management in Practice Assignment: Lyn Case analysis. To begin with, select one of the six case studies and associated commentary in Chapter 7 of: Brady, L., & Scully, A. (2005). Engagement inclusive classroom management. Sydney: Pearson Education Australia. (See in the Readings book.)

Particularly, for the selected case study answer each of the five questions. In addition, present these in a document with the case study name clearly shown on the top of your assignment. Use the material in the other readings in this section to assist you in responding to the case.

Management in Practice Case

LYN Case
Lyn’s teaching priority is to have the students ‘behave first and learn second’. She claims the teaching priority, without a doubt is a legacy of her special education background involving the development of behaviour management plans for each child.  Established in 1888, the school in which she teaches is a medium-sized state primary school. Altogether, many students come from dysfunctional families and experience violent relationships within the family or neighbourhood in this school.

The area has the highest rate of youth (boys) suicide in New South Wales, and the second highest rate of domestic violence. As part of a government initiative, the school was made a School as a Community Centre (SaCC) at the end of 2002. The role of the SaCC facilitator is to promote inter-agency and community support for a range of early intervention projects implemented to reduce the impact of socioeconomic disadvantage.

Lyn, who lives in the area, lost her own brother through suicide and believes that the school he attended failed to respond to his problems. She cites this as a reason for becoming a teacher. She has been teaching for six years; this is her second school and she teaches a Grade 3/4 class. Her approach to classroom management is based on several principles…

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