Management at Work

Harry’s Grill is a popular local eatery. Recently, Harry noticed that sales were starting to slip a bit. In general, employees are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied—they tend to have neutral satisfaction levels. Harry has decided to try some new management techniques to see if he can increase employee satisfaction and, he hopes, sales.

Harry decides to buy devices that allow servers to take orders more easily by tapping an app, rather than writing them down and giving them to the cook staff. This is an example of hygiene factor   .

Harry decides to give his employees more responsibility. Each employee will have complete control over one area of each day’s menu. This is an example of amotivation factor   .

Apply your knowledge of individual human needs that are important in organizations to match each example in the following table with its related need.



Your former boss had to be in control of everything. One day you met with a client by yourself, and the next thing you knew, you’d been fired. Power  

Kevin is good friends with everyone on your study team, and he does everything he can to avoid problems with other team members. Affiliation  

Alyssa, a college student, has to get the highest grade in the class; otherwise, she isn’t satisfied with her work.    

Maria often finds herself impatient with her employees. She often thinks to herself, “Why can’t others do their work the way I want them to do it? I need to meet my weekly sales target, and their inability to work quickly and accurately is getting in the way of that.” Maria is likely to have a high need for: