Carries out the family support portion of the installation EFMP, independently performing a variety of complex assignments involving identifying family needs, assessing the availability of assistance locally, identifying gaps in available services, providing tailored information, and coordinating, developing, advocating, and obtaining a variety of resources and services for military personnel (and civilians selected for certain positions) with family members who present with a wide range of physical, developmental, emotional, and/or intellectual challenges/limitations.
Interviews families to identify and evaluate their special needs and situational stressors, determine services for appropriate assistance, and provide tailored guidance regarding accessing services that are not standard across the AF due to the individual local and state regulations, laws, and compliance for the location where the installation is located; and provide general support in navigating the local system.
Researches and analyzes trends impacting families with special needs, identifies needs that are not being met for planning and assessment purposes, and reports and shares findings with leadership, management, and action groups.
Develops, updates, and maintains installation EFMP education, outreach, and public affairs programs, to include awareness briefings for command, unit, community organizations, individuals and families, and distinguished visitors.
Serves as an installation Sexual Assault Victim Advocate providing a wide range of essential support and advocacy services, liaison services, and care to victims of sexual assault in accordance with generally accepted procedures and techniques.
Maintains support and follow-up contact with sexual assault victims throughout the lifecycle of the case.
Assists the installation SARC in the development and delivery of comprehensive sexual assault training to comply with Department of Defense (DoD) requirements.