The Literature Grid.

In another word document named -Grid Model- you will find the 9 articles source already filled on it (all of them are attached in alphabetic order). For the Short Paragraph, I am sharing my wonderment so you can make relation from it to the articles. In the end, you will find the complete reference list, I already did it!

So, it would be 1. Writing/completing the Literature Grid with each article; 2. Writing the Short Paragraph (related to my wonderment and to the articles). Thank you!

Literature Grid

The goal of this assignment is to bridge out from the wonderments into the established body of research that exists in music education, giving you experience in using the bibliographic tools that will guide your searches, and prepare you to write full literature reviews by distilling research methods, procedures, and results into short abstracts.

Choose a topic from your Wonderments that are sufficiently interesting and focused enough to lead you to relevant scientific literature and search for studies related to those topics, using the databases and search strategies we discussed at the library. Locate nine methodologically solid, peer-reviewed research studies that are related to the Wonderment to read and abstract. Locate studies from a minimum of two different sources for peer-reviewed research in the field.

Create a summary grid or table which provides an overview of the:

  • Participants for the study or the Data Source
  • Conceptual or theoretical foundations the researcher used to frame the study.
  • Purpose of the study and Research Questions

Brief summary of the results, implications for practice, suggestions for further research, and conclusions provided by the researchers.

After the grid or table, write a Short Paragraph to relate what you learned from your perusal of the studies in relation to your original Wonderments. How does the study expand, refine, challenge, extend, or confirm your original thinking?