This assignment focuses on Consumer Product Ad. There is as well a description of Liquid IV Sleep Multiplier.You should comment on the positive aspects (praise) and the negative aspects (criticism) of the ad.

Consumer Product Ad – Liquid IV Sleep Multiplier

Consumer Product- Liquid IV Sleep Multiplier. Ad of the product chosen:  This paper contains your analysis of both the ad itself and the product advertised; it should be 3-4 pages. You should comment on the positive aspects (praise) and the negative aspects (criticism) of the ad. Your analysis should be in paragraph form, and critical comments should be well developed. When discussing scientific articles to analyze the product, please do not use direct quotes or copied material from the scientific articles. Instead, paraphrase the information in your own words and cite appropriately in APA format. In the text of your paper, the author & year of the scientific source should  indicated. When more than two authors  cited, “et al.,” may be used as per APA format (however, remember to include all names on Reference Page.).

Consumer Product Ad – Liquid IV Sleep Multiplier

See example below: According to Maughan et al. (2013), creatine supplementation has been shown to significantly increase total body mass in subjects over a 4-week period. When discussing the advertisement or product description, you may make limited use of short quotations (<40 words) from the ad or product description, but they should be in APA format and cited properly with page numbers, and author/year. When critically evaluating the product, consider the following questions, if appropriate, but do not limit your critique to only these questions: • Is the use of this product supported by scientific evidence? If so, are there any conflicting results among various studies? Do the subjects’ age, health condition, fitness level, etc. match those for whom the ad is directed?.  Were there limitations and/or flaws in these studies? 

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