This assignment entails the Legacies of colonialism in Central Africa. On the other hand it touches upon the New Scramble for Africa. So, do not summarize – present your opinions.

Legacies of colonialism in Central Africa-New Scramble for Africa

You are responsible for: New Scramble for Africa: Conflict and Coltan in the Congo: War in the Great Lakes LA Times article Hancock: Shadow Warfare The Economist: Follow The Bottle Africa Geographies of Change: Rural Based upon the readings up to this point, discuss in a general sense your opinions regarding the legacies of colonialism in Central Africa, especially general economic and political issues and environmental issues but also problems and possible futures that can be traced to the impact of colonialism and neocolonialism as discussed in the readings.  Russia is reportedly sending soldiers and military aid to the Central African Republic in return for mining rights, and sending military advisers to neighboring Congo.

Legacies of colonialism in Central Africa-New Scramble for Africa

Such initiatives challenge the influence of China, the European Union and the United States. All of which have invested billions of dollars in the expanding African economy. But Africa should be wary of such major investments by the world’s most powerful nations. Historically, when external powers have eyed Africa and seen it as a source for raw materials or markets, Africans themselves often pay the price.Make sure and refer directly to ALL of the assigned readings. Do NOT summarize – present your opinions. Write in the first person. However, No outside readings are allowed No bibliography is required 12pt type, double-spaced, no extra spacing between paragraphs, 3 pages, no cover sheet.

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