Across the duration of this unit you have engaged, explored, explained, elaborated and evaluated. This 5E approach has been modelled in your learning materials and has been practised in your activities. 

The 5E approach is summarised in the following table:

5Es teaching and learning model
Phase Focus
Engage Engage students and elicit prior knowledge.
Explore Provide hands-on experience of the phenomenon.
  • Develop scientific explanations for observations and represent developing conceptual understanding.
  • Consider current scientific explanations.
Elaborate Extend understanding to a new context or make connections to additional concepts through a student-planned investigation.
Evaluate Students re-represent their understanding and reflect on their learning journey and teachers collect evidence about the achievement of outcomes.

5Es teaching and learning model: Primary connections 5Es teaching and learning model (2011) adapted from Primary Connections

This assignment requires you to use your knowledge of the 5E approach to produce two 5E learning plans. These 5E learning plans will be for two year levels of primary science and across two disciplines (i.e. Science Understanding sub-strands):

  • Foundation Biological Sciences.
  • Year 2 Chemical Sciences.



For each learning plan, you are required to complete a rationale (150–200 words). For each of the 5Es, you are required to come up with activities, resources and/or experiences, and then provide an explanation for each that is mentioned.

Your folio of learning plans must demonstrate the following:

  • Cover at least one content description for each of the Science Understanding sub-strands (Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences) at each year level. In some of the templates provided, the Science Understanding content descriptions have already been decided for you.
  • Each 5E learning plan will also be expected to cover at least one sub-strand from the Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills strand (covered in Week 7 of your learning materials).
  • A key consideration choosing resources, activities and experiences is the ability to determine their quality and appropriateness for the teaching and learning of a concept for a particular age group. Among collaborative teaching teams, this assures that resources produced could be confidently utilised by colleagues within the year level e.g. as part of a unit of work. In this assignment, you are required to evaluate and justify each of the learning plan elements: Activities, experiences and resources.

Please note: Each 5E learning plan will be assessed individually and will each be worth 15% of the total mark. In order to pass this assignment, there must be evidence of a serious attempt at both 5E learning plans.

Supporting resources

Structure (Links to an external site.) (ACARA, 2018, v.8.4)—explore these supporting resources from the Australian Curriculum website relating to the structure of  Science in the Australian Curriculum. This will give you an idea of what the three strands encompass, and how they relate to each other.