General Guidelines

This assignment will involve examining how you perceive effective leadership at your workplace. You are encouraged to write in first-person as this is a reflective assignment. 


Well-known leadership scholar Warren Bennis (1989) compared leadership to beauty in that it is “hard to define, but you know it when you see it” (p. 1). However, leadership is not easy to identify, nor is it simple to define. Leadership is one of the most studied phenomena in the social sciences and despite many definitions of leadership, an absence of a universal definition for the construct persists. Case in point, Rost (1991) identified more than 200 definitions of leadership in a review of the leadership literature. Leaders often receive credit and/or the consequences for team success or failure. Yet, some authors (Kouzes & Posner, 2007) argue that “leadership is in the eye of the follower” (p. 501). 


Your perspective on effective leadership likely impacts your opinion regarding organizational leaders. Within your organization, identify an effective leader and detail what makes them a great leader; then, research the vast leadership literature (seriously, tons of it) and determine what theory, leadership model or framework this leaders is exhibiting. Why is it effective? When is it effective? What are the potential drawbacks of this leadership behavior?



Your completed presentation will be at least TEN but not more than FIFTEEN minutes. You are encouraged to read a little more about this topic and utilize research findings and other reputable sources to strengthen your arguments during your presentation.


If you choose to turn this assignment in late, a penalty or deduction of 25% per day will be imposed.  


This presentation will be graded based on (1) comprehensiveness and accuracy of course concept applications, (2) breadth and depth reflection, (3) presentation quality.  Frequent and thorough use and citation of relevant course material (course material, slides and other related sources) are important to earn a high grade. The reasons for citing include, but are not limited to:


  • Strengthens your arguments 
  • Helps others view your writing as more than rhetoric
  • Gives credit to the works of others
  • Demonstrates mastery of course concepts



An “A” presentation addresses all aspects of the assignment clearly and specifically. This presentation explicitly demonstrates frequent and thorough use of relevant course material and outside sources. It is a well-organized, detailed, insightful, demonstrates mastery of both content and expression, and demonstrates high-level analysis. It may be ten to fifteen minutes in length


A “B” presentation is a well-handled response to the assignment but weak in some respects. For example, it may be lacking in terms of frequent and thorough use of relevant course material (e.g., presented as a rhetorical argument), it may slight one or two of the components (e.g., one section is not adequately covered), it may not be clearly organized, or it may have some inconsistencies in expression. It may be ten to fifteen minutes in length. Analysis and insight are evident, but not as well developed.


A “C” presentation is minimally competent but deficient in either content or expression. It might be descriptive with little or no analysis or use of course (and/or other) content; it might be general or superficial, or it might have sufficient errors in the content and/or presentation to interfere with the viewer’s understanding. Not enough use of adequate external sources. It may be ten to fifteen minutes in length. 


A “D” presentation has serious weaknesses in both content and expression, such as major difficulties in development (details), structure (organization and transactions), or mechanics. One or all sections may be significantly under-developed, or one may be the focus of the presentation. It may be less than ten minutes in length.



** Presentation should include: PPT, camera must be on, and presenter should be on camera while presenting. Provide instructor with link to presentation by due date – late assignment policy applies to this assignment. 

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