This assignment focuses on Leadership Interest Exploration. Also, it touches upon  Quality of nursing Care. So, examine concepts and theories of leadership in managing care.

Leadership Interest Exploration – Quality of nursing Care

Purpose: Compose a PowerPoint (or Prezi) presentation (choose the format you want to learn more about) that illustrates your examination of a topic, issue or a professional role that you have been introduced to in this course. The topic, issue or professional role you have selected should be of interest to you. You will also asked to relate your topic to quality improvement and technology/information systems in an organization/agency; select a topic that will allow you to make those correlations and provide examples in the practice setting.

This assignment enables you to explore the topic, issue or professional role in greater depth and understand how it relates to your nursing practice. Knowledge and resources from your reading assignments in Nursing 472 should provide some concepts that support your topic selection. This PowerPoint (or Prezi) presentation is then shared with your peers to enhance their knowledge. So, some examples of topics that may be of interest to you that have introduced in this course may be as follows: Advantages of working as a team or group. What constitutes effective change processes in the workplace?

Leadership Interest Exploration – Quality of nursing Care

Processes related to delegation, how accreditation and regulations influences quality in healthcare, implementing an Electronic Health Record, etc. These are just a few topics that have  provided to use as examples. You should choose a topic that is of interest to you and inspires a sense of inquiry to examine the topic with more depth. The topic you select may also be relevant to your N473 Pathways Leadership Project and/or part of the N473 capstone project though it is not a requirement for this assignment.

1. Analyze the role of the nurse leader as it relates to the provision of ethical, economically sustainable, evidence-based care to individuals, families, groups and populations. 2. Examine concepts and theories of leadership in managing care. 3. Also, explore the role of the nurse leader as a member of the interdisciplinary healthcare team. 4. Lastly, examine personal leadership styles in relation to professional growth development.

Detailed Instructions

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