The assignment discusses Management, Leadership Change. Besides, there is a description of  Impact on Organisational Outcomes. So, identify and apply relevant theoretical concepts to gain new insights.

Management, Leadership Change – Impact on Organisational Outcomes

Firstly, the aim of this assessment is to identify and apply relevant theoretical concepts to gain new insights into a real issue in the current business world. Secondly, a good theory will help people to create meaning and interpret reality, and your task to facilitate that.


Completion of this assignment will enable you to meet all or most of the following module learning outcomes. depending on the topic you have chosen to write on: Firstly, understand organisational leadership and management both as a subject of study and as a field of practice. Secondly, able to appreciate the importance of leadership. Also, its potential to impact organisational outcomes, processes, relationships and morale. Thirdly, appreciate the complexity and challenges associated with managing and leading individuals and teams. Also, reflect and critically evaluate the discourse on what constitutes effective and responsible leadership and management.

Management, Leadership Change – Impact on Organisational Outcomes

·         Gain insights into the potential for high performance at individual, group and organisational level.

·         Understand the importance of change leadership in the Global Society. Be sensitive to people’s experience and response to change. Learning outcomes not met by this assessment will be met in the other assessments for this module. Using the theme or problem that you identified and the plan for your research you developed, write a report which critically evaluates the topic you have chosen, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the issue from a range of academic and non-academic relevant and trusted sources. Often it is a complex issue that has been caused by a host of factors internal and external to the organisation and an understanding of these must be demonstrated and incorporated into your argument.

Management, Leadership Change – Impact on Organisational Outcomes

You will need to identify the major factors involved, relevant management, leadership and change theoretical concepts and published viewpoints etc, and critically evaluate the situation. When you identify relevant management, leadership and change concepts, you must apply them to real business events/activities or people or evidence from films and use them to critically evaluate the situation. The presentation of your work should be professional and appropriate, to ensure clarity of your writing and arguments.

Detailed Instructions


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