The assignment focuses on Leadership and Organisational Development Essay. Also, there is a description of review and analyse your experience. 

Leadership and Organisational Development Essay

The assessment is designed to provide an opportunity to reflect critically on your experience of organisation development, its theoretical underpinnings, and its implications for organizational practice.  Using relevant OD theory you will need to review and analyse your experience/s of the group OD project and discuss how your insights into your experiences of OD can contribute to an understanding of the effective and sustainable development of organisations.

Leadership and Organisational Development Essay

The total word count 2,500 (+ 10% tolerance 2750 maximum). Firstly, trust/ power/ control. Secondly, culture/ language. Thirdly, organisational learning. Fourthly, systems / complexity approaches. Fifthly, psychoanalytic/ group process, relational approaches to change/ person-centred change.

Leadership and Organisational Development Essay

Tutors will mark the essay based on the following assessment criteria: Firstly, knowledge and understanding of relevant theories. Secondly, demonstrating an awareness of breadth and depth of relevant literature. Thirdly, analysis linking theory and practice

·      Critical evaluation and coherent argument. Managing change in individuals and organisations is a continuous process. If this is done, a good organisational climate can be maintained. Some organisations may make a thorough analysis of organisational problems and then implement a long-range programme based on it. Such an approach goes by the name Organisational Development.

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