This assignment focuses on Leadership and Management module. On the other hand, it touches upon Trait Approach in a Nutshell. So, you need to write a business written report answering the key questions that are considered in understanding leadership.

Leadership and Management module -Trait Approach in a Nutshell

This is a business report specifically focusing on the Leadership and Management module. You need to write a business written report answering the key questions that considered in understanding leadership. The written report needs to be a 2500 WORD report structured in a report format. The word count includes a title page, contents page and reference list. You should not include an executive summary or an abstract. Throughout the report, you must provide critical considerations in developing and practicing good leadership.

Note: Attached is the FURTHER DETAILS of the written report assignment.  Identifying what needs to be done and what needs to be included, it is important to cautiously read it carefully before starting the assignment. This is highly important to read because it gives you exactly more information on the written report assignment and what the report NEEDS to have. Note: Within the other files attached, I have included the topics/aspects of leadership that have covered. It is CRUCIAL for you to read each topic as well as carry out research in answering the questions and writing the written report. 

Leadership and Management module -Trait Approach in a Nutshell

The Traits Approach of Leadership. Trait Approach in a Nutshell

It focuses on the leader, and not on their followers.

Also,  It involves natural-born traits “some are born great” approach to what excellent leadership is.

o   It has automatic influence because of its longevity much like self-fulfilling prophecy, it has credibility because people have thought it’s credible for centuries.

Then It has a lot of flaws these leaders can also be very dangerous,

 Detailed Instructions

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