The assignment focuses on Lawnmower industry analysis-primary industrial coding system. You are required to do an analysis on the lawnmower industry.

Lawnmower industry analysis-primary industrial coding system

An Industry Analysis on the lawnmower industry. Going from the factories to the retailers, not the final customer. Our assignment has 7 major sections, 5 of which require that multiple specific questions answered. The sections, and their required information, are as follows. Introduction, Firstly, You will provide a 1-2 paragraph introduction. This section should simply be a clear definition of the industry you are analyzing. This should include the types of products provided by the industry, who (in general) produces them, how they sold, and to whom (in general) they asold. Industry Secondly, Specific Knowledge. These are the questions you will answer in this section. Firstly, what is the most appropriate NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) code for your industry? This is the primary industrial coding system in use today.

Lawnmower industry analysis-primary industrial coding system

With this code, it will help you define your industry. Secondly, What is the primary Trade Association for your industry? Every industry has a trade association that typically collect & publish information about industry. For example, the Premium 3 Incentive industry’s primary trade association is the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA). Such associations can be valuable resources in helping you find some of the information you must provide. Thirdly, what 3 historical events have shaped the development and growth of the industry? For example, if you were analyzing the cargo aircraft manufacturing industry, you might mention the Wright Brothers 1st powered flight in history, the development of the jet engine, and perhaps the advances in micro-technology that used in aircraft today. Fourth, what was the value of shipments for the U.S. in the latest year reported? Finally, value means dollar amount; number of units shipped/sold is irrelevant. If you elect to analyze a world-wide industry instead of a U.S.-based industry, that is fine. 

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