The assignment discusses Law Commission Matrimonial Property. Also, there is a description of Needs and agreements. So,  bring their interdependence to an immediate end.

Law Commission Matrimonial Property – Needs and agreements

Law Commission was set up by the Law Commissions Act 1965 for the purpose of promoting the reform of the law. The Law Commissioners are: The Right Honourable Lord Justice Lloyd Jones, Chairman Professor Elizabeth Cooke David Hertzell Professor David Ormerod QC Nicholas Paines QC The Chief Executive of the Law Commission is Elaine Lorimer. The Law Commission located at 1st Floor, Tower, 52 Queen Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9AG.

Law Commission Matrimonial Property – Needs and agreements

MATRIMONIAL PROPERTY, NEEDS AND AGREEMENTS. Divorce and the dissolution of civil partnership almost always have financial consequences. Typically, two people have been to some extent financially interdependent. The divorce or dissolution means that they are now embarking on separate lives. It is not always practicable to bring their interdependence to an immediate end, because the financial effects of having shared their lives may be long-lasting and shared responsibilities may continue well beyond the point of divorce or dissolution. 1.2 The law relating to the financial consequences of divorce and dissolution has developed over some decades.

Law Commission Matrimonial Property – Needs and agreements

Its statutory framework dates back to 1969. The courts have been largely responsible for the extensive development in this area of law since then. Some of those developments have driven by social change. he position of women in society and in the labour market is very different from how it stood in 1969. Other developments have been a response to new financial practices; conspicuous among those are marital property agreements, whose use has become more widespread – partly as a result of influence from other countries where they are commonplace.


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