See the guideline for the case study. Include subheadings to identify each section, e.g., Summary,  

Collecting and Reporting Data by Race, Categories used for Collection, Comparison, Analysis.  


• Introduction – Summary of the LaVeist case  


• Answer the questions within the reading include subheadings as opposed to including  

the actual questions  


– Collecting and reporting data by race and  

– Increasing the number of categories used for collection.  


• Compare the LaVeist case to what you learned from the two journal articles.  


• Do you agree with the authors’ findings? Why or Why not?  


• What did you find that was missing from the LaVeist case study?  

Read the case study citing the textbook and two journal articles less than five years old  


1. Recognize the patterns of health disparities in the United States and the Epidemiology of  health disparities.  


2. Examine the nature and magnitude of race/ethnic disparities in health status in the  United States.