The assignment concentrates on Language Learning Technology and Materials. Besides, there is also a description of computer-mediated communication. So, demonstrate the skills you have developed during the module.

Language Learning Technology and Materials – computer-mediated communication

Firstly, the portfolio will demonstrate the skills you have developed during the module. Secondly, it should contain examples of three different uses of digital technology, as illustrated and practiced in the sessions. Also, together with a brief lesson plan for each use. Thirdly, these uses of technology will take the form of materials and activities for lessons for one particular group of students you might have taught or might teach in the future. Some examples: an activity which exploits resources on the web; an activity designed around an audio recording you have made; a game designed using authoring software; a use of photography or video for teaching; a blog set up for language learners; a role play activity using digitally-mediated communication; activities developed from language corpora; etc.

Language Learning Technology and Materials – computer-mediated communication

The assignment will mainly assess whether you have met the following learning outcomes: Firstly, design and prepare technology-based materials appropriate for language learners, using a range of media sources and tools available to classroom language teachers Secondly, Understand uses of computer-mediated communication in language teaching. Thirdly, understand and be able to apply criteria for selecting and evaluating online materials to use in language classrooms. Fourthly, show an awareness of relevant theories of digital literacy informing the use of ICT in language teaching. Therefore, the accompanying assignment should: 1. Contextualize the materials and activities you have designed, by describing the students for whom they have been developed, and their learning purpose.

Language Learning Technology and Materials – computer-mediated communication

These might be students in a class you have taught in the past or may teach in the future. (Learning Outcome 1) 2. Discuss possible advantages and also possible problems of using technology in language teaching, with close reference to the context for which you have developed your materials and activities. (Learning Outcome 2) 3. Give a detailed rationale for your approach to teaching for each of your lesson plans, including an explanation of why and how you have chosen and designed your materials/activities which demonstrate three uses of digital technology.

Language Learning Technology and Materials – computer-mediated communication

This should describe and support (with reference to your reading and theories of language and learning as appropriate) the decisions you have made in your planning and make clear why you feel each set of materials would be effective in promoting language development in your lesson. 

Detailed Instructions


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