This assignment focuses on The tragedy of Othello. There is as well an analysis of Lago’s actions believably motivated.So, Why did Othello believe Iago instead of Desdemona?

The tragedy of Othello – Lago’s actions believably motivated

 What do you get when you mix a viciously ambitious military man with a jealous newlywed and a spurned lover? A famous Shakespearean tragedy about what happens when people let their emotions get the best of them. So, the play opens in Venice, Italy, with Iago, the play’s villain, and Roderigo, a man who is paying Iago to help him in his romantic pursuit of Desdemona, arguing about Desdemona’s recent marriage to Othello. Iago assures Roderigo that Desdemona will soon become bored with Othello and then Roderigo will have his chance with her.

1 Are Iago’s actions believably motivated? Explain why or why not.

      Reasons why he hates Othello so much.

      His goals- revenge on Othello and Cassio

     Many people that he used to achieve his goals.

     Villainous – evil for the sake of being evil?

       Mastermind – pulls the strings.


 2 Why did Othello believe Iago instead of Desdemona?

Iago showed “proof” – Cassio walking away from Desdemona “guiltylike”

The handkerchief

The dream

Longstanding friendship between Iago and Othello

Othello’s belief that Iago is loyal and honest.

The tragedy of Othello – Lago’s actions believably motivated


3 Also, How and why was Cassio a victim?

Cassio’s promotion – how did Iago feel about this

Cassio’s personality – kissed the ladies. How was this perceived?

Besides, what did Iago say about Cassio at the beginning of the play?

The drunken brawl – led to him being fired

Lastly, Cassio and Desdemona – affair or not?



Critical thinking questions – Final Project

 Detailed Instructions

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