MNGT3002: Knowledge Management


You are a consultant engaged to analyse and assess the organisation’s current KM capacity. You may project the future KM needs, and offer recommendations if you wish to round your analysis off.

Fortunately, you went to University before becoming a consultant so you understand the advantage of conducting deep academic research and using the academic convention to write your report including Purpose and Description The purpose of this assignment is for you to analyse and assess the KM situation in one core/predominant* area of knowledge management for an organisation. In doing so you will provide a response informed by research to an individual organisation’s existing KM situation.

Organisational analysis (current)
KM systems/response analysis (positives/negatives)
Mastery of KM terminology/processes

considerable knowledge to analyse your organisations current KM situation. After ‘drilling down’ you may focus your strategy on one KEY area of operations (i.e. a strategy/HR focus may drill down to predominate recruitment) but remember, you still need a comprehensive assessment and
evaluation of the larger area.

As your focus is strategic, an existing KM system in your organisation will create no disadvantage to your project. You should include it in your analysis and assessment.

*Please note that specialisation in one area does not mean that you should ignore all other areas.

Excellent reports will recognise how their area, recommendations and options fit within the bigger KM picture. For example, you may be focussing on ICT systems but recognition of the right skill mixes through HR, culture needs/ development, reward systems etc must also be considered. Similarly, social
or HR systems are supported/impacted by IT and should be identified.

CAUTION: Please do not report that the organisation should contract someone to analyse their current strengths and weaknesses ‐ this is your job – they have contacted you ‐ you will not get paid (nor will you get good grades) if your predominate advice is to tell them to do it themselves. To do well you should demonstrate the ability to analyse an organisations KM requirements (according to your area of choice) considering elements of core knowledge, operational knowledge and strategic knowledge.

a willingness to consider and break down the pros and cons of each element of your analysis according to the particular characteristics of the organisation’s needs.

good to a superior understanding of KM practices and principles through the correct use of key terminology and correct application.