Repeat your grade level and area from page 9
Scroll further and find your grade level. For example, mine is kindergarten and its on page 10, first grade is on 15 and so on. Here is a screen shot of my kinder page.
Screenshot of the kindergarten Health Education Content Standards from CA Dept of Education
Find a standard from the area you picked.
In one to two paragraphs, EXPLAIN HOW YOU WOULD INCORPORATE this objective into your classroom in a fun, inspiring, and challenging way. Provide and example of an innovative way to use hands-on activities, technology or interactive experiences in your classroom to help achieve the goal you picked. Do not do a lecture plan.
We haven’t done lesson plans yet, so just plan an activity but don’t worry about goals yet! Just something off the top of your head, something you’ve seen, use the book, use the internet. We will do more of this later, but its nice to just start out with some fun strategies!
Tell us what standards your activity meets
DO NOT pick the same activity as another post. If it is the same as someone who posted before you, your grade will be cut in half.


CHEC grade levels.jpg


CHEC essential concepts

Post your initial response to the discussion questions or prompts BY WEDNESDAY.

Respond to a minimum of TWO other students BY SUNDAY. This is a great way to share ideas!!

As this is a course for teachers, be prepared to offer constructive criticism, in other words, pick out some good things about another students post, and then offer suggestions, personal experiences, or your own opinion about the various topics. This is an opportunity to collaborate, learn new things, and help other students in their learning.

Here is my post for an example:

Age: Kindergarten

Content area: Nutrition and Physical Activity

Activity: My class will have a play kitchen in it. I will have plastic food as well as empty boxes of food taped up (ie mac and cheese, rice, beverages etc) It will have green, yellow and red baskets. In the Green basket, all fruits and vegetables go in, brown rice, eggs, grains, milk, plant based proteins too. The Green Basket is “Go or Anytime” food. In the yellow basket the white bread, cheese, french fries, pizza slices, hot dogs, mac and cheese etc go in. The yellow basket is “Slow down or Sometimes” food. The red basket will store the cake slices, ice-cream, cookies, soda cans and other “Stop or Treat” foods. I will have colored stickers on the food to know where to store them. We can also do meal plans with it or meet the breakfast concept as well.