For this Journal assignment, you will familiarize yourself with the importance of equity and anti-bias in early childhood education. You will need to do the following:
Read pages 1-9 of NAEYCs position statement: Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education position. You will find the link under Readings and Resources as well as here:
View the below video: Julie Olsen Edwards: How Teachers Can Help Childrens Identities Grow to learn about the four anti-bias education goals: 1. Identity, 2. Diversity, 3. Justice, and 4. Activism. This link is also in Readings and Resources.
Visit this Pinterest site to see examples of anti-bias activities for young children. Search the site for an activity that supports your choice of one of the four anti-bias goals: Identity, Diversity, Justice, or Activism
Go to the link to your Unit 6 Journal and paste the Pinterest activity that you chose into the Journal. Select the image and embed it or give the URL/web address)
In your Journal, describe the following:
The goal you selected and what the goal means to you.
How the activity reflects the goal you selected. One-two descriptive sentences are adequate.
How and why you would use the activity with children.