This assignment entails a descriptiption of JP Morgan Asset Management. There is also a discussion on Standard deviation of the asset’s Returns.

JP Morgan Asset Management – Standard deviation of the asset’s Returns

1.            Assessment Guidelines

This assessment comprises an individual report that should be no longer than 1,000 words (±10%), excluding the title page, executive summary, table of contents, tables and figures, appendices and references.



3.           Case Study




3.1     JP Morgan Asset Management


JP Morgan Asset Management – Standard deviation of the asset’s Returns


You are a Hedge Fund Manager for JP Morgan Asset Management. You are in charge of a $3M fund pool. Your clients have instructed you to invest the fund in US assets predominantly in equities and foreign currencies with USD as the home currency. You decide to create a hedge fund portfolio of 8 assets consisting of 4 US equities and 4 foreign currencies with USD as the home currency. The following conditions apply:


 1.    Your clients indicated that you are to invest the $3M in these assets. You do not have to use all 8 assets in the pool; however, your pool should consist of a combination of equity and f/x assets (and demonstrate your analysis in these 8 assets even if you do not use all of them at the end). You should aim to use most, if not, all of the $3M in the investment pool.


3.1     Required




JP Morgan Asset Management department has asked you to write a report outlining your recommendation as to which assets your clients should invest in. When compiling this report, your clients expect to see tables outlining the respective relevant information for each of these assets as well as appendices demonstrating all relevant calculations.

JP Morgan Asset Management – Standard deviation of the asset’s Returns

When preparing the report, you have been asked to address the following points:


1.    Calculate the average return on the asset, the standard deviation of the asset’s returns as well as a risk-adjusted return measure for the asset.


2.    When conducting your fundamentals analysis, that you use the top-down approach to justify your choice of markets and assets.


3.    That you find and highlight the key findings of relevant research or literature (including newspapers articles, investor reports, etc.) on each of the asset classes and specific markets.


3.2     Structure of the Report




The report should be structured as follows:


1.    COVER PAGE, which should contain:


(a)  A relevant title for the report.


Detailed Instructions


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