The assignment concentrates on Journal Entries on Pride and Prejudice. Also, there is a description of Dubliners and Hard Times. So, Compare Gabriel to Michael Furey.

Journal Entries on Pride and Prejudice – Dubliners and Hard Times

Descripion Need 18 Journals at 250 words each out of these prompts On Pride and Prejudice, Dubliners and Hard Times Pride and Prejudice • Impressions of the first meeting of Darcy and Elizabeth versus the first meeting of Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Iseult • Define and then find an example of verbal irony and discuss it (not the opening sentence). • How do you get to “know” another person in your own life? How is it the same or different from how the characters get to know each other? • Compare Elizabeth and Jane and Charlotte • Compare Mr. Collins’s proposal to Mr. Darcy’s proposal

Journal Entries on Pride and Prejudice – Dubliners and Hard Times

What two things change Elizabeth’s views toward Darcy? How? • What would be missing from the story without Lady Catherine de Bourgh? • Fathers and Lovers • Where do you see “Reason” in this story? Where do you see “Romanticism”? • Discuss the role of “convention” and “etiquette” in this work; in your life • Your own topic • Compare Darcy and Tristan Hard Times • Describe the setting of Hard Times; how is it symbolic of the theme of the novel? • Who is Thomas Gradgrind, Sr. like in The Incredibles? in any other “modern” work? • Describe the narrator. Is he a character? • Discuss the philosophy of Utilitarianism in the novel. • What do you make of Stephen Blackpool? What would he be like in today’s world?

Journal Entries on Pride and Prejudice – Dubliners and Hard Times

Compare Louisa and her father to Elizabeth Bennett and her father, Juliet and her father • Compare the world of HT to the world we live in • What is different in this work from what we’ve read before? • What is “realistic”? What is “Romantic”? (Be sure to review these terms in a literary dictionary.) • In what way is the “model of education” similar to your own education? • What is Imagination? What role does it play in your own life? Dubliners • Compare Gabriel Conroy to the narrator of “Araby.”

Journal Entries on Pride and Prejudice – Dubliners and Hard Times

Describe Gretta. • Discuss the setting, scenery, mood in Dubliners. What seems symbolic? • Compare Gabriel to Michael Furey; compare either to Romeo or Tristan • What elements of Modernism do you see in these stories? • What conflicts are presented? Are they resolved? • Your own topic in these short stories. • What does it mean “to go west”? • Choose a passage from “The Dead” and explicate • To what or to whom does the title “the Dead” refer?

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