The assignment talks about Johnson Johnson Company. Additionally, there is a description of the impact on Covid-19 crisis. So, determine if your company is in an industry that might receive government aid.

Johnson Johnson Company- impact on Covid-19 crisis.

Johnson & Johnson Company..Using the same Dow Jones company you selected earlier in the semester (see 1/30/20 Homework Assignment) prepare a report on how the company will be impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. Focus on customers, revenues, expenses, debt, and employee wages. You will need to refer to your company’s most recent 10-K, news reports on google, and material on your company’s website (Investor Relations section).

Johnson Johnson Company- impact on Covid-19 crisis.

Determine if your company in an industry that might receive government aid. Your report should typed (approximately 4 pages) and include the following ratios (from the latest 10-K): current, debt, A/R turnover, Inventory turnover, and z-score. COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly around the world. Almost every country has reported cases, but the burden is asymmetrically distributed. In the past seven days (April 6–12), 46 percent of new confirmed cases have been reported in Europe and 39 percent in the United States. To an extent, that’s because countries are at different stages of the pandemic.

Johnson Johnson Company- impact on Covid-19 crisis.

Some that were effective at initial containment, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, have seen resurgence. Also, implementing additional measures to address it. Others, such as many countries in Western Europe, have seen the number of new cases plateau or begin to decline and are debating the right approach to reopening their economies.

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