The assignment focuses on Historical Jesus research-The Elusive Messiah book. You are required to  summarize what the chapter says about these historical Jesus researchers and their conclusions

Historical Jesus research-The Elusive Messiah book

Read one of the following chapters on Historical Jesus research from the book The Elusive Messiah.  Philosophical Overview of the Quest for the Historical Jesus by Raymond Martin (Routledge, 2018). A  short essay, summarize what the chapter says about these historical Jesus researchers and their conclusions. Then consider what it adds to our discussions about Jesus; support your ideas with evidence from both the reading you picked. Your essay should include both a summary and your evaluation of it; it should demonstrate your careful reading of the chapter you chose. That essay should be a minimum of 1000 words https:://

Historical Jesus research-The Elusive Messiah book

launched Form Criticism, the study of the literary forms in the gospels. He defended the idea that Matthew and Luke are dependent on Mark and a lost book called Q, now the dominant scholarly opinion. Also, he  attempted to “demythologize” the gospels, hoping to ignore superstitious claims about the virgin birth of a god-man while focusing on the symbolic truths of the gospels. urged that Jesus’ life should be studied critically like that of every other man, an idea which enraged the Church.Then,read French Romanticism into the life of Jesus, for example suggesting that Jesus wept at Gethsemane because he imagined “the young maidens who, perhaps, would have consented to love him.”

That is a fairly comprehensive list – and note that Michael Grant was an eminent historian of the Roman period, author of more than 50 historical books (only one about Jesus) and he was not a believer.

Finally, On this basis, it seems to me that the most unbiased, respected and experienced historians and scholars provide good reasons to believe that we have good knowledge of the life of Jesus. And that is enough for me to base my faith in Jesus

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