This assignment focuses on Issues or phenomenon in Hong Kong. Besides, there is as description of broadcast/multimedia equivalent.

Issues or phenomenon in Hong Kong-broadcast/multimedia equivalent

There are two pieces of work required: an extended essay or feature (or broadcast/multimedia equivalent) of 3,000 words or more, and a reflective commentary of the same (no more than 1,500 words). Want to focus on issues/ phenomenon in Hong Kong for the long read feature/ story. Also, please try to write it from a perspective of a Hong Kongese.  So, if its related to anything political, please do it neutrally.

The main point to emphasise is that your main piece is a long-read feature/story – the kind of which you can find in, say, the Guardian long-reads or magazines like Prospect, Sight and Sound, the New Statesman etc. It can involve interviewing people, research, reportage, analysis, opinion – all the things that make the subject engaging to a general reader.

Issues or phenomenon in Hong Kong-broadcast/multimedia equivalent

And it must demonstrate an understanding of story-telling techniques as set out in the attached brief. This is 3,000 words or more. The second piece – 1,500 words – is a reflection on your major piece. It can be more of an academic/formal piece in which you can cite theories/texts/articles etc. Or it could simply reflect on your long read in a less formal way, if you so wish – as long as you point out the advantages/disadvantages/benefits/problems of the approach you took in your first piece. The feature/ story must demonstrate:

Originality The subject and treatment must be new in some crucial respect – if only a local take on an international or national issue.  Storytelling skills. The project must show your ability as a storyteller · Research. Besides,  the project must be thoroughly researched in every way. While using everything from relevant statistical data to relevant participant observation · Ethical and legal awareness. Finally,  You must stick to the rules.

Detailed Instructions


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