This assignment explores the Islamic Banking and finance industry. There is as well a description of financial products and services. Therefore, Identify and compare 3 products originated in global  and conventional banking and finance industries between 2000 and 2019.

Islamic Banking and finance industry-financial products and services

Islamic Banking and finance industry is aiming to provide alternatives to conventional interest-based banking and financial products and services. It has grown at a rapid pace for the last two to three decades and is becoming popular even in non-Muslim regions. Due to,  unique characteristics and solutions it provides and genuine concerns raised on the effectiveness of conventional financial markets and systems. Nevertheless, it is just a small fraction of total global banking and finance industry and moreover, facing challenges. .  Such as,  misconceptions about its products even among Muslims, evolved conventional industry and legal and regulatory issues in both Muslims and non-Muslims states.       

Financial products and services 


The students are required to prepare a report covering the following issues/aspects:

1.      Identify and compare 3 products originated in global Islamic and conventional banking and finance industries between 2000 and 2019.

2.      Also, Compare the process and pace of innovation and development in both the sectors.

3.      Make recommendations for improvement in Islamic banking and finance industry and/or its products and services”.



1.      Students should work in groups of not more than 4 members for this assignment.

2.      The reports must be prepared using Calibri, 12 font, and 1.5 line spacing with total report size of 10 pages (± 2 pages).  While, excluding cover page and bibliography.    

3.      Reports must  submitted online on or before the deadline.

4.      HCT’s policy on academic dishonesty and plagiarism is applicable on this assessment.    

Detailed Instructions


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