1.An ethical approach in strategic implementation of your funding?
Human rights of the individuals are respected?
2. What are your strategies to identify and overcome barriers?
What does success look like?
3. Is this an ongoing priority for global health concern so your strategic planning needs to be sustainable?
Or suggest a goal to strive for (such as herd immunity with vaccinations)?
Writing and Grading guidelines:
Use APA formatting, formal writing style and appropriate grammar. See APA Resources Module and the APA paper template for assistance.
References in APA formatting are expected for citing your sources. Including in-text citations.
Total word count is expected to be at least 400 words, not including references or title page.
Grading will be as follows:
Quality of outline responses and selection of global health urgency? 20%
Quality of supporting ethical arguments and implementation strategy? 30%
Professional writing style and grammar (no informal phrases or 1st person), sufficient word count 20%
APA formatting in text and citations/references as appropriate 15%
Timeliness of submission 15%