Is the writing style appropriate for the target audience?

Does the writer take a position?

Is the claim contestable (i.e., is there more than one way to look at the issues)?

Is the claim non-trivial, (i.e., is it substantial enough to engage readers)?

Does the writer make a strong argument?  (Hint:  Could you easily outline the main points?)

Is the argument logical?  Is it well organized?  Is it clear?

Does the writer provide enough information so that the evidence is easy to review?

Does the writer frame the evidence well?

Is the writer’s reasoning logically sound?

Does the author provide a “hook” at the beginning of the essay that would be appropriate for her/his target audience?

Is the hook powerful enough to engage readers who may not already have an interest in the topic of the essay?

Is there a “Call to action”? Can I underline a sentence (or two) that indicates precisely what the author wants readers to do with the information in this essay?

Does the writer use their knowledge from the course to help frame their argument?