Is the prosecution of Julian Assange for espionage a violation of the First Amendment? Is he protected under Freedom of the Press? Is it suppression?

Whatever your stance, what is the other side’s opinion / reason (the “other side” is whichever one that does not agree with yours)? Below are several articles you may use, but you may also use others not listed. Needs to be in proper MLA format and have a mla formatted bibliography with correct citations. Please try and use these as some of your references.

Quick Response

The persecution of Julian Assange for espionage is a violation of the First Amendment. The First Amendment is meant to encourage the press to publish facts and keep the citizens informed on the latest developments in society. However, in Assange’s case, the published document and information included the facts of the government that needed to remain secret due to its criticality CITATION Lei11 l 1033  (Leigh & Harding, 2011). The primary rationale for arguing that the First Amendment is at risk of violations is based on the escalated President Trump’s war on Journalism. This war on journalism can be used to wrongfully persecute journalists such as in the case of Julian Assange…

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