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       The following questions have been asked on the Amartya Sen, and the idea of Freedom, Development and to place him in conversation with other political thinkers like Isiah Berlin, Martha Nussbaum, Power (Luke) Some of the questions in the past are below – again, the question on Monday might be similar or completely different so I am putting in this in advance so that the writer gets an idea. Please discuss with me.

1) Is it true to say that power and freedom are opposites?

2) Amartya Senn says: “While I am interested in economics and philosophy, the union of my interests in the two fields far exceeds their intersection.” Select one problem or idea on which Senn has worked: for example, famine relief, the idea of development as freedom, or his critique of ideal theory. Trace how Senn brings together tools and concerns from both economics and philosophy in his treatment of that issue.

More about this task:

Amartya Sen tried to explore the concept of Freedom and Development. He also put his throughts in the context of other political thinkers like Isiah Berlin, Martha Nussbaum, Power (Luke). The essay should entail a two-fold discussion that dwells on an argument for or against the statement that power and freedom are opposites on one side. On the other side, the discussion will include ideologies observed from Amartya Senn’s concerns and tools from economics and philosophy in the treatment of the issue. Such will also include a focus on the ideas that Senn has worked on such as the idea of development as freedom. The mandate of this essay is exploring the idea of freedom including all relevant aspects. The conclusion of the paper will provide a summary of the responses presented in question one and question two respectively.

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