A focus on Investigating Hinduism and Key Hindu beliefs and practices and Christian doctrine.

Interview a practicing Hindu individual or a leader of a Hindu temple, which can be used as an academic resource. Take pictures during your visit to this community or place of worship, be sure to obtain permission. Write an essay of 1,250-1,500 words that analyzes key beliefs in Hinduism. Do the analysis and you address the following concepts: First, describe the three most important Hindu deities found in the Trimurti. Precisely, focus on their history of development in the Vedic literature, and functions in the kalpic cycle. Lastlly, analysis of how the caste system might function in the life of a particular Hindu individual. Specifically, this should be as they interact with individuals of other castes.

Modern Christian community living or serving in a Hindu context

Select one ancient or modern Christian community living or serving in a Hindu context. For instance you may focus on St. Thomas Church of South India, denominations and ministries started by William Carey, Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity, etc. In addition, remember the paper focuses on Investigating Hinduism. In this regard, compare the principles and practices of this Christian community with the four key Hindu beliefs and practices: all pervasive divinity, karma, reincarnation, and dharma.

Taking into consideration the differences between the four key Hindu beliefs and practices and Christian doctrine, how might a Christian engage a follower of Hinduism with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Investigating Hinduism. Additionally, look into what would be vital points to consider for such a conversation (e.g., Who God is, sin and the fall, Jesus, forgiveness, salvation)? Christian doctrine. Finally, utilize the course textbook and a minimum of four academic resources, one of which can be your interview and should include topic materials and external resources.

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