Detailed Instructions


The assignment focuses on Introduction to Discourse Analysis- Gee 2014. So,focus on how certain grammatical features background and foreground information according to Gee 2014.

Introduction to Discourse Analysis- Gee 2014

Use only this Reference book by (James Paul Gee) to write 4000 words regarding to the instructions mentioned below, when you have Quotations from this reference 2014 use incite reference according to APA6 format.
Gee, J. (2014). An Introduction to Discourse Analysis. London: Routledge,
Write this Task by including all these instructions here:
First: there are lots of interesting descriptions of Discourse with a capital D in Gee (2014).So, talk about it in the beginning when you write this task.
Secondly: Read the section in Gee (2014) on being a real Indian. Then, say whether Gee would describe me as a ‘Real Saudi’, why or why not.


 Introduction to Discourse Analysis- Gee 2014


Thirdly:  Another question about Gee’s concept of Conversations with a big C. How are the Conversations about Academic discourse in my minor thesis different from those in my PhD thesis?.To deal with this you will have to deal with Gee’s concept of intertextualities and Figured Worlds.Finally: Do a discourse analysis for the paragraph below .That I got it  from my minor thesis and analyse it according to Gee, 2014?


Introduction to Discourse Analysis- Gee 2014

Gee (2014) provides some useful examples to follow about how to do ‘little D’ discourse. (Although he doesn’t call it this explicitly) in the later chapters 10-onwards and appendixes.
 In other words to do a grammatical analysis of the structure of this small bit of text as Gee would do this. Focus on how certain grammatical features background and foreground information. How the tense and other grammatical structures (NPs, existential, the lack of adverbs) are used.To  tell a story,convey that the information presented on the paper should be interpreted in a certain way . About how these grammatical structures allow the author. The analysis of each sentence should be as detailed as in Gee (2014).
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