Directions Read the transcript provide 3 references to support it. 

Consider using topics related to Internet marketing with an emphasis on consumer behaviors in a digital market. Consider topics associated with managing online, social media, and other digital platform campaign strategies; predictive marketing analytics; promotional strategies that employ an appropriate mix of message objectives and methods; product design and distribution; and target marketing strategies. 

This is neither intended nor to be construed as an “all-inclusive” listing of topics related to this assignment but may serve as a good starting point for your review of the existing literature. Your client wants you to critically evaluate the functionality and utility of their current 

Personal Health Record product, and then formulate recommendations on how best to strengthen both so that it fully meets the needs and expectations of key stakeholders. While you are being retained as an external marketing consultant to provide your expert opinion on how

 Bright Road can strengthen their Personal Health Record product, they would like your recommendations with supporting rationale mailed to them in a FORMAL BUSINESS LETTER from your firm to theirs via the Marketing Director.