This assignment focuses on International Monetary System. It as well touches on  Climate of Dependency on technology. So, what are the benefits of a well-developed global  monetary system?

International Monetary System – Climate of Dependency on technology

Discuss the criteria for a ‘good’ international monetary system (Ch 2 of the provided ebook). Include the following in your discussion of the monetary system: What are the criteria for a well-developed global monetary system? What are the benefits of a well-developed international monetary system? In today’s climate of dependency on technology, what precautions are needed to protect global  monetary systems in terms of cyber-crimes? International monetary systems conditionalities such as those imposed by the IMF may result in the loss of a country’s authority to govern its own economy as national economic policies are predetermined under the assistance package. Besides, discuss conditionalities and their effects on nations.

Climate of Dependency on technology

The paper should have a relevant introduction outlining what topics will be discussed. Concluded with a strong conclusion that takes a stance supporting your critical thinking. Do not simply rewrite the introduction in the conclusion. Cite a minimum of 6 scholarly sources to support your positions, claims, and observations (Please use 2 of the provided sources (the ebook and 1 other). The paper should also have relevant subheadings for each topic discussed. Each paragraph should be 4-6 sentences long and supported by a minimum of 1-2 in-text citations in each paragraph. Also, please write assignment proficiently meaning all points need to be well supported. Also, write concisely, no run-on sentences with graduate level language please.

Detailed Instructions


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