The assignment discusses International Marketing Strategy. Also, there is a description of Market Selection Process. So, demonstrate an ability to formulate and assess international marketing strategies.

International Marketing Strategy – Market Selection Process

What is the relevance of the customisation-standardisation debate in strategy and how might this influence the market selection approach of both Small and Medium Sized enterprises (SME’s) and large scale enterprises (LSE’s)?

Use relevant and recent examples to illustrate your report. Your response should be in the form of a written report of between 1,500 and 2,000 words.However, globalization has created just as many challenges as opportunities for brands that venture overseas. Because consumers have so many more options for similar products, companies must ensure that their products are high in quality and affordability.

International Marketing Strategy – Market Selection Process

Additionally, these products cannot be marketed identically across the globe. Global Marketing) International marketing takes more into consideration than just language – it involves culture, market saturation, and customer behaviors. American and European companies especially have turned their international marketing  efforts into something more than just exporting – they have adapted their branding to account for differences in consumers, demographics, and world markets. It is the application of marketing principles in more than one country,

International Marketing Strategy – Market Selection Process

The learning outcomes for this assignment are. Firstly, understand and appreciate the underlying theories of international marketing. Secondly, critically analyse international marketing opportunities. Also, demonstrate an ability to formulate and assess international marketing strategies. Additionally, demonstrate an understanding of both the process and the complexities associated with the implementation of international marketing programmes. Differentiate between the various market selection processes for firms seeking to internationalise Understand the different approaches of SMEs and LSEs in deciding upon the most appropriate market selection process.

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